Connecting parents to children

Google makes life easier for families by providing software and hardware solutions to better understand our world. In the recent boom of smart home tech, Google Home was born. This connects people to integrated devices and software through voice commands. But what if Google Home could connect parents to their children?
Even with all the information in the world, nothing can prepare new parents for the humbling adventures of newborn baby care. It transforms you. For those who are ready, a baby teaches them to adjust their plans. And for those who decided to just go with it? Well, they’re searching Google for guidance.


Let's make smart parents

Google can be a personal resource, providing dada-driven insights when parents need it. None can compete with Google’s voice assistant technology, its control over relevant and accessible content, and it’s product integration through android and software solutions. I wanted to design a solution that leverages those qualities and empowers parents during one of the more stressful times in their lives.

Google Newborn is a smart baby tracker that connects you to your baby through data.


Hands-Free Recording

Often times parents don’t even have time to pull out their phone to record information about feeds and diapers. Share your baby’s activities for easy recording and ask for updates about your baby’s sleeping, feeding, and diaper routine.


Get tips and encouragement

Gain insights for your baby’s care when you need it. Notifications are sent to your phone as needed linking you to advice regarding specific inquiries and baby milestones.


Integrates with powerful tools

All of this data can be organized through Google applications like Keep and Calendar. Have a visit to the doctor? Open your Keep app and review your progress notes. How about your baby’s routine? See your Calendar to see differences day by day.


A newborn confidence

As users lean on Google Newborn to help their families, it will only strengthen their resolve to be better parents. Armed with information and digital assistance only a “Hey Google” away, parents can act with surety as they care for their little loved ones. Google can be a member of the family.

As smart home technology strives to be more human, Google has an opportunity to not only be present in the home, but participate. With Google Newborn connected to Google Home, there opens many more doors to make more intuitive technology that fits our needs.
"I would have loved to have this for our daughter. Specifically, the recording/ logging feature and baby milestones would've been most helpful."
– Cordell Badger, Father
"This would put our minds at ease, knowing we'd have the ability to track and monitor the babies daily activities."
– Shelly Schmidt, Expecting Parent


Google Newborn

Google, Personal Project 


I worked on this project as the lead designer and product manager, with goals to better understand user onboarding through voice experience technology.

4 wks, November 2017 
Main areas of responsibility:
UX analysis (flows and persona)
Lo-fi prototyping

Design & Development Process

Design intentions:
- AI as a form of user onboarding
- User Onboarding best practices
- Create a product that fits within Brand guidelines and communications


Headline for Discovery

The flooded world of Baby Trackers that all do the same thing.
Needs of parents, are these trackers enough?
Results of the Interviews

Consumer Insights helps defining the market position

What's written here will describe additional design decisions I make. 
Mid-Age Workers
Competitive Review
Interview Questions
Interview Quotes


Headline for Define

Baby trackers themselves are difficult to use. Don't make sense and Parents are too busy to be loyal to them.
User Personas

Design Decisions

User Journey
User Personas
User Stories


Headline for Design

Integrating with the Google Home command system
Material Design decisions
Onboarding practices

Design Decisions

Brand Style Guide
User Flow
Annotated Wireframes
High Fidelity comps
Use Cases


Headline for Develop

Building the app prototype

Learnings & considerations

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